Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Counting Sheep and Office Supply Training Manuals

Okay, so getting a single hour of sleep (and that's a generous estimation) last night is not cutting it.  Needless to say, I will be skipping my classes in between shifts at work to go home and nap.  I'm such a nerd I feel guilty about skipping class, so it's rare... but today I could very well fall asleep at my desk, so for the sake of productivity later, I'm crawling back to bed. 

I could probably push through with some caffeine, but being a coffee addict is the exact reason I sleep so poorly some times.  I get dehydrated very easily, and caffeine running through my veins in place of blood doesn't help that cause much.  It's like a constant hangover, minus the fun time the night before.  Aren't dehydration and stress two of the leading causes of larger issues?  I could be completely wrong, I wouldn't even trust my diagnosis on trimming your fingernails, that's how medically inept I am. 

Considering my day isn't very long, I don't have much to tell you all about.  Students at work couldn't use the stapler, but what else is new?  Seriously, I ask this question at least every other post, but how the hell did some of my peers even get to this level of academia without knowing how to use office supplies?  I should seriously create a "How To" manual for the basic office supplies.  "To staple papers: step one, place paper inside.  Step two, push down."  My office goes through staplers like fraternity boys go through cases of Bud Light.

Did I mention that counting sheep doesn't work?  And in fact, I will imagine the sheep from the Serta commercials and then picture them all wearing different little lamb-clothes and then my mind just wanders from there, imagining farm animal fashion shows and Bravo-TV-station-esque shows featuring diva clothing designer sheep.  Totally normal, right? I know, I exclude normalcy. 


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