Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Life, Turned Upside Down

Sorry for such a huge gap in posting.  Trust me, once I explain what's going on in my life, it will make sense and you'll forgive me.  I hope.

I mentioned last post that my weekend in Washington, D.C. included two job interviews.  Well, the interviews went relatively well, from my perspective, and I was offered a job!  Not just any run-of-the-mill job, either... it's basically right on track to my dream career!  The stipulation was that I move up to DC to start on Monday. Yep, as in, June 4th, in less than a week... Now do you understand my hiatus from blogging?  My room/house/life has been upended.  I've had less than two weeks to make a decision and a change that most people do in months.

All this growing up into the big-girl world means it was time to throw away mementos of my youth.  It's no longer appropriate to hang a neon dinosaur sign in my bedroom.
Sweet memories of my 21st birthday extravaganza.
 (For those of you who have no idea why I would have an enormous poster board reptile scribbled all over, it's a 21st birthday tradition, at least at my university, to make the birthday girl a poster-board sign with 21 things to accomplish during the celebrations.  It's only fitting that mine was shaped like a dinosaur.)

I'll be staying with my good friend A for the next two months.  I'm not going to lie, I'm a little on edge about not having any personal get-a-way space for 8 weeks, but more than that, I'm grateful to have such a great friend there for me who has been through a very similar situation.  I'm naturally an emotional person, and although I've known that I've wanted to be in DC for years, actually leaving my family, some of my best friends, my boyfriend, and my comfort zone is nerve racking.  I'm a lucky girl to have someone to help me through this.
That's right, the girls in the Coffee and Dinos photo are reuniting.

The first question out of most people's mouths isn't what my job is.  It's what are you and your boyfriend going to do?  We are going to try and make things work.  Long distance isn't impossible.  It's hard, and it sucks, and it's not something either of us want to do... but I'm not about to give up on someone who means so much to me just because it's not easy. 

I am so excited, nervous, thrilled, appreciative, grateful, and a million other emotions for this new chapter in my life.  Of course, I'll be keeping you all updated on my life as it takes a line out of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and gets turned all upside down.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weekend in D.C.

I'm back from Washington D.C!!!  I know you've missed me bunches, but I have an entire weekend to tell you about!  For those of you who don't pay any attention to what I say, I flew to D.C. on Friday to stay with my friend and future roommate and get a feel for the city I will call home later this summer.  She lives in Virginia right outside the city, but she works on the Hill, so I got a really great idea of the entire area.  We did a lot of walking.  Like, a lot.  Miles and miles

On Friday, I walked around Clarendon and Rosslyn neighborhoods.  It was gorgeous weather, a high of 80 and not a cloud in the sky.  That night, my two friends and I and some of their friends had tickets to a show called Legwarmers.  It's an 80's cover band that plays all of the classics.  Everyone got dressed up in neon and we teased the crap out of our hair.

Neon and big hair, ready to rock out to Bon Jovi.
On Saturday, we got up early and attempted to go to an air show in Maryland.  I say attempted because we took the metro from the last stop in Virginia all the way to the farthest stop in Maryland and when we got there, we were told the show was full to capacity.  Now, if you've never been to the area, or never taken the metro, then you'll have no idea what I mean when i say we took the green line through Annacostia.  Allow me to translate: two little twenty-somethings in sundresses took the metro through the most dangerous area of the city.  I sat next to a gang member for two stops.  It was during the day, and there were many other people who also didn't really belong in that area headed to the air show, as well, but it was slightly intimidating. 

My official metro card!

Traipsing around the city on a gorgeous Saturday.
That night, we went out in Clarendon, to a little bar called Spider Kelley's, with my friend and some of her coworkers who were also from Florida.  The biggest difference about bars in that neighborhood and bars around here?  Well, for one, everything isn't free.  A fraternity guy I met on a social isn't making us free shots whenever the manager turns around.  But, there also aren't fresh-out-of-high-school girls getting sloppy and the bathroom doesn't reek of vomit.  It was a nice change, something I could definitely get used to. 

On Sunday, we got lunch in Chinatown, which isn't nearly as sketchy as the Chinatown in New York City.  No one sells knock-off purses or accosts you to buy a fake Rolex from a van.  We headed to Georgetown and walked around by the Washington Harbor.  Like I said before, there was a lot of walking and getting a feel for things.  As in, I feel that I will never be able to afford even a square foot of housing in Georgetown.

Chinatown arch.

Perfect afternoon to stroll around the Georgetown harbor.
 Monday was what made this trip actually important.  And the reason my dad paid for my flight.  I had two job interviews, but I'm saving the details on those for another day.  Once things aren't so fresh and new and up in the air. 

It was a fantastic weekend, and I absolutely can't wait to live in such a diverse city.  But until that day comes, I'm making a serious effort to enjoy every single Florida afternoon by the pool, every date with my boyfriend, and every night out with my friends. 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fruit Phone!

It's Tuesday, and disgusting grey clouds have taken up residence over Orlando.  I'm going to DC this weekend and I just want to be a bronze goddess, but it's hard to get a tan when it drizzles rain 24/7.  Bleh. 

At least a rainy day is a good excuse to lay around and relax.  Or go shopping.  I need a suit for my interview on Monday and let me tell you, being five feet and one inch and a size zero makes it hard to find a suit that doesn't make me look like a child playing dress-up.  And with four days till I leave town I don't have time to have anything tailored, aside from a basic hem I can do myself.  Don't get me wrong, when I say I can hem pants myself, I mean that I've seen my mother hem pants and I own a miniature sewing kit... ten bucks says they end up lopsided.  I'll just walk with a limp to distract anyone. 

My weeks are pretty mundane and boring.  The most exciting part about this week was Mother's Day weekend.  I went back home to see my family, and we wen to Ceviche's for dinner on Saturday night.  Are you shocked?  Are you noticing a trend?  When my family finds a restaurant we like, it becomes slightly obsessive.  I promise I won't rave about this restaurant again for a while.  

Happy Mother's Day, Momma! 
 Oh, and even though it was Mother's Day, I got a present!  My dad had promised to upgrade me to the iPhone as a graduation gift, so while I was home we went and did that.  I finally joined the Apple cult.  I miss the huge screen on my Android phone and the iPhone isn't as customizable, but it has a few other little perks that I like.  I'm just a huge change-a-phobe.  Poor guy at the Sprint store really earned his commission with all of my hypothetical situation questions.  "So, if unicorns were discovered to actually exist and it swallows my phone, is that considered water damage or theft when I file an insurance claim?" "What if I'm in the Canadian tundra and my phone breaks and there isn't an Apple store nearby and I manage to hoodwink it together with paperclips..."

Hello, fruit phone. 
My background and lock screen is a photo I took in Pompei last summer.  It had rained right before, a light spring rain where the sun half-shined, and then afterwards, all the stone had such a pretty glisten to it.  The clouds and the sky looked amazing up there in the mountains.  It's a little daily reminder to myself that even though sometimes it storms, and sometimes we think things are ruined, there is beauty in everything.  (For those of you who have never watched the History channel, Pompei was the town in Italy completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption.)  It sounds corny, but with so much change happening in my life, I'm trying to keep a positive outlook. 

Hope your week is more exciting than mine!


Friday, May 11, 2012

High Five for Friday

Oh, hello Friday.  Fancy seeing you here.  Work is a little more boring than usual today, but oh well.  I really need to be making the money.  I figured I would do high-five for Friday today, and tell you the 5 things that are making me happy this week!

1) I went to World of Beer last night with my boyfriend and some of his friends.  I finally got to meet one of his good girl friends from high school, and I think she's awesome.  Some people give me a skeptical look when they find out I don't mind my boyfriend having female friends and hanging out with them, but I've never had a reason not to trust him.  My male friends and his female friends never disrespect our relationship, and that's all that matters.  Anyways, I love going to the World of Beer by campus.  It's pricier than the college dive bars, but I always see people I know and I love trying new beers, so it's always a fun time. 

2) I got my very first big-girl-job interview!  I had two preliminary phone interviews this week with two different companies, and one of them led to an in-person interview next weekend when I go up to DC!  I'm incredibly nervous, and I need a suit that doesn't make me look like a man, and I'm scared that I'll trip when I walk in or just forget everything I prepared for, or that they'll ask me what type of sporting equipment I would be if I could be anything and why.  I'm prepared to answer which type of shoe or kitchen appliance I would be, but sporting equipment?  That's a whole other ballpark.  Okay, so maybe I'm being a bit dramatic...

3) I love my new Barbie-esque manicure!  I used a hot pink and then put a coat of silver glitter on top.  Excuse my horribly short nails.  I have the horrendous habit of biting them when I'm nervous.  I think both polishes were from Forever 21.  My roommate always finds the best ones there.

4) This weekend is Mother's Day!  I still haven't gotten my mom a gift.  I know, I'm a horrible daughter.  My mom is so hard to shop for.  I wanted to get her a Himalayan salt block plate, but Williams and Sonoma had it on back order.  I know, what a weird gift... a block of salt.  Is my mother a deer, you ask?  No.  Salt block plates are meant for searing seafood and thin-sliced meat.  It's a trendy Japanese thing. 

5) I've discovered my new obsession: Dill Pickle Lays chips.  Super healthy, I know.  I'm currently eating them for breakfast.  Don't judge me. 

Have a great weekend guys!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Big Girl World... With a Lunchable

It's such a gorgeous, warm Tuesday here!  I'm working, again... and by working, I mean I'm watching House and Law and Order SVU online.  I lead a really thrilling life.  I've even brought a ham and cheese Lunchable and chocolate pudding for lunch.  If I didn't just finish college, I'd swear I was 7 years old.  Lunchables are delicious, though.  Until you look at the nutritional facts and realize you just ate 400 calories worth of cheese and crackers. 

I read somewhere on the interwebs that some people did a survey of Europeans and Americans, asking different questions about nutritional facts and dietary needs.  (I know, not a vague description at all.)  Anyways, apparently, the European countries, like France, had a much lower national obesity rate, yet knew way less about calorie counting, saturated and trans fats, and all that jazz.  Americans, on the other hand, which, well, have you been to a water park lately?  Obviously we have a skyrocketing obesity rate.  .  Seems so counter-productive, right? 

I'm supposed to be applying for big-girl, real-world jobs, but everything I've seen I either feel completely un-qualified for, or it just seems like the most boring thing in the most boring field, ever.  I guess that's what I get for not knowing what I really want to do with my life.  Plus, applying for just just makes moving and growing up so much more real.  I have almost two months, I don't want to worry about it until then.  Although, I guess that's impractical.  I'll get hired and show up with a Lunchable and a fruit roll up in my Vera Bradley lunchbox... I'm wearing yoga pants to work today.  Who let me wear that cap and gown?  Clearly, they were fooled by my exit interview, because I would have held myself back in fourth grade at this point.  Pretty sure I completely forget how long division works... Are you shaking your head at me, too?  Yeah, I figured...


Monday, May 7, 2012

Diplomas and A Bug-Eyed Cow

I'm graduated!  Friday, I walked across that stage and officially graduated the University of Central Florida!  I spent the afternoon celebrating with my family, my boyfriend, and my best friend.  I guess I'm supposed to be really excited and happy, but college was the best four years of my life.  All I hear from anyone is how much the "real world" sucks, so I honestly feel a little like that black graduation robe was suitable for the funeral of all my fun. 

Post-graduation, two of my sorority sisters and I showing off our diplomas for the College of Business.

Doesn't the boy look cute in his lavender shirt?

We all went to Ceviche's downtown again for lunch and drinks, which was just as amazing as ever.  I swear, I could eat there every day of my life and not get bored.  I just love tapas.  On the way home, we stopped at the little organic, locally grown co-op store that my sister works at.  My mom bought me fresh mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes, which were probably the best I've ever eaten.  Anyways, why am I rambling about vegetables?  I swear there's a point.  Sitting on the cash register was this little plastic cow, which I ended up leaving with, as a graduation gift from the manager.  It was silly and childish, but tipsy me thought it was hilarious. 

Come on, you have to admit that it's hilarious.  When you squeeze him, the eyes bug out.  I had it in my purse the next day for Cinco de Mayo celebrations at a local Mexican restaurant. 

Yum, sangria!
The whole weekend was kind of a whirlwind.  It was full of celebrating, but I couldn't help but be a little emotional about how much my life is changing.  I know that I needed to graduate sometime, and I don't have a reason to stay in college or this atmosphere any more.  I'm sure that after my two month vacation of bronzing and boozing I'll be ready for the exciting move and changes, but right now, it's a little scary, and a little bit overwhelming, and a little depressing having to say goodbye to such an amazing college experience and step off into uncharted territory. 


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Cleaning and Reservations

It's already Thursday!?  Holy crap, where did my week go?  Well, I spent yesterday evening cleaning the house and my room a little bit.  My parents will be here tomorrow for my graduation, and although we keep our house pretty clean, I wanted it to look great.  When I clean, it usually ends up in organizing and cleaning out things, too.  I made up a huge box of stuff to give to Goodwill, which includes the enormous teddy bear from my ex that I've had no idea what to do with for over a year so I stuffed in in the hall closet.  I really hate getting stuffed animals from boys.  My current boyfriend got me a pink dinosaur for Christmas, and it's probably the only stuffed animal I actually like.  I just feel like I'm 22, I shouldn't have a zoo on my bed.  Anyways, a huge box to donate and two trash bags later, my room and the kitchen were all cleaned up! 

Prior to that, I may or may not have had a slight breakdown involving me pulling the but-I'm-your-little-girl card to my dad about my graduation dinner.  Lunch.  Whatever.  Basically, the restaurant I was dying to go to as my celebration was completely booked.  As in, no reservations between 11am and 11pm.  I'm not even exaggerating.  Who the hell eats dinner at 11am?  I'd been dying to go back there and was genuinely upset.  I made reservations at 7 other restaurants in the Orlando area.  Yes, I'm aware of how much of an overkill that is.  I'm just so indecisive.  I've narrowed it down to three choices, with my top one being Emeril's on CityWalk.  I just have something against restaurants in touristy areas.  The food is usually good, but it's usually never as exceptional as I hope.  I've heard great things, though, so I'm excited regardless. 

This weekend has to many exciting and busy things in store.   I'm getting my hair trimmed today.  Not by SuperCuts.  I learned my lesson there the hard way.  I've been going to the Paul Mitchell School for the past 4 years, and I've never been disappointed.  Oh, I'm sure you have qualms about students doing your hair, but I almost prefer it that way.  Sure, it takes longer than a real salon, but it's priced for a college budget and they have a supervisor making sure they do everything properly and checking the work as they go.  I get my hair cut very specifically, so they understand the textbook terms and the proper way to do things. 

Tomorrow morning at 9am I graduate.  I'm so tempted to bring along a water bottle of mimosa to celebrate with on stage.  Three hours of sitting through that ceremony?  Yawn.  Let's be honest, I just want to hear my name.  Saturday is Cino de Mayo, and I've already told you how excited I am for that.  Sangria and sunshine and sombreros!  Sunday, I'm going to try and make it to the beach, but considering last year's Sixth of May, that may be a stretch.  (For those of you wondering, I had an international flight to Italy the day after Cinco de Mayo last year.  My "no I'll just day drink a little" turned into raging into the night, and I may or may not have almost thrown up on the connection in New Jersey.  Rough.) Thankfully, the beach is not a zillion miles in the air. 

Anyways, I suppose I should get back to this episode of How I Met Your Mother...


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cab Fare and a New Dress

Good morning!  Why in God's good name am I awake at 8am over summer?  Well, I got my work schedule yesterday for the next 2 months, and I work 8am-1pm every Monday through Friday.  I'm really regretting not taking Fridays off like I did during school, but when I set my availability I was concerned with affording my summer festivities.  It wasn't that bad getting up, and it takes me a whole 7 minutes from the time I leave my house till I walk into work.  Plus, remember, I can wear yoga pants.  I'm currently being paid to watch episodes of House on Hulu.  I can't really complain.

Two little surprises made me happy this weekend.  Usually, when I stop to get gas, I clean out some of the trash that accumulates in my car.  Since I drive an SUV, any time a group of my friends goes anywhere we usually end up taking my car.  Usually I drive, sometimes my boyfriend drives, but it's almost always my car making the trips to the beach or packing in everyone to take to the bar.  That means that lots of junk ends up in my back seat.  Sorry, it has to be said: people are disrespectful.  Finally, though, this past weekend, I got a little reward, instead of the usual McDonald's wrappers and cups.  It wasn't anything big, but I found a pair of Chicago Bears sunglasses and $6 in cash in the seat pocket.  It's the small joys in life, really.  That's like a free venti Starbucks!  I'll consider it my cab fare. 

Yesterday, I came home to a kitchen table full of mail, and my new neon dress was included!  I love when I order things online, it's like getting a present in the mail!  I online online shop for clothing from a few websites, since I range from a size double zero to a size four, depending on the brand, and I'm petite, so I generally like trying things on before I buy them.  Luckily, Urban Outfitters online has great reviewers, who often post their height, weight, bust size, and the size they ordered, and describe it if fit loosely, tight, short, long, the whole deal.  It makes it way easier to make a purchase I'm happy with.  The dress is neon lime green lace, which sounds atrocious, but it looks fantastic with my summer tan. 

Excuse the MySpace-esque mirror Instagram photo, but that's all I could get.  I think I may wear it to my graduation dinner, paired with a black skinny belt, black pumps, and a black blazer.  I know neon lace isn't for everyone, but I dig it. 

Like I said, it's the little things in life that make me smile.  Happy Tuesday!