Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fruit Phone!

It's Tuesday, and disgusting grey clouds have taken up residence over Orlando.  I'm going to DC this weekend and I just want to be a bronze goddess, but it's hard to get a tan when it drizzles rain 24/7.  Bleh. 

At least a rainy day is a good excuse to lay around and relax.  Or go shopping.  I need a suit for my interview on Monday and let me tell you, being five feet and one inch and a size zero makes it hard to find a suit that doesn't make me look like a child playing dress-up.  And with four days till I leave town I don't have time to have anything tailored, aside from a basic hem I can do myself.  Don't get me wrong, when I say I can hem pants myself, I mean that I've seen my mother hem pants and I own a miniature sewing kit... ten bucks says they end up lopsided.  I'll just walk with a limp to distract anyone. 

My weeks are pretty mundane and boring.  The most exciting part about this week was Mother's Day weekend.  I went back home to see my family, and we wen to Ceviche's for dinner on Saturday night.  Are you shocked?  Are you noticing a trend?  When my family finds a restaurant we like, it becomes slightly obsessive.  I promise I won't rave about this restaurant again for a while.  

Happy Mother's Day, Momma! 
 Oh, and even though it was Mother's Day, I got a present!  My dad had promised to upgrade me to the iPhone as a graduation gift, so while I was home we went and did that.  I finally joined the Apple cult.  I miss the huge screen on my Android phone and the iPhone isn't as customizable, but it has a few other little perks that I like.  I'm just a huge change-a-phobe.  Poor guy at the Sprint store really earned his commission with all of my hypothetical situation questions.  "So, if unicorns were discovered to actually exist and it swallows my phone, is that considered water damage or theft when I file an insurance claim?" "What if I'm in the Canadian tundra and my phone breaks and there isn't an Apple store nearby and I manage to hoodwink it together with paperclips..."

Hello, fruit phone. 
My background and lock screen is a photo I took in Pompei last summer.  It had rained right before, a light spring rain where the sun half-shined, and then afterwards, all the stone had such a pretty glisten to it.  The clouds and the sky looked amazing up there in the mountains.  It's a little daily reminder to myself that even though sometimes it storms, and sometimes we think things are ruined, there is beauty in everything.  (For those of you who have never watched the History channel, Pompei was the town in Italy completely destroyed by a volcanic eruption.)  It sounds corny, but with so much change happening in my life, I'm trying to keep a positive outlook. 

Hope your week is more exciting than mine!


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