Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cab Fare and a New Dress

Good morning!  Why in God's good name am I awake at 8am over summer?  Well, I got my work schedule yesterday for the next 2 months, and I work 8am-1pm every Monday through Friday.  I'm really regretting not taking Fridays off like I did during school, but when I set my availability I was concerned with affording my summer festivities.  It wasn't that bad getting up, and it takes me a whole 7 minutes from the time I leave my house till I walk into work.  Plus, remember, I can wear yoga pants.  I'm currently being paid to watch episodes of House on Hulu.  I can't really complain.

Two little surprises made me happy this weekend.  Usually, when I stop to get gas, I clean out some of the trash that accumulates in my car.  Since I drive an SUV, any time a group of my friends goes anywhere we usually end up taking my car.  Usually I drive, sometimes my boyfriend drives, but it's almost always my car making the trips to the beach or packing in everyone to take to the bar.  That means that lots of junk ends up in my back seat.  Sorry, it has to be said: people are disrespectful.  Finally, though, this past weekend, I got a little reward, instead of the usual McDonald's wrappers and cups.  It wasn't anything big, but I found a pair of Chicago Bears sunglasses and $6 in cash in the seat pocket.  It's the small joys in life, really.  That's like a free venti Starbucks!  I'll consider it my cab fare. 

Yesterday, I came home to a kitchen table full of mail, and my new neon dress was included!  I love when I order things online, it's like getting a present in the mail!  I online online shop for clothing from a few websites, since I range from a size double zero to a size four, depending on the brand, and I'm petite, so I generally like trying things on before I buy them.  Luckily, Urban Outfitters online has great reviewers, who often post their height, weight, bust size, and the size they ordered, and describe it if fit loosely, tight, short, long, the whole deal.  It makes it way easier to make a purchase I'm happy with.  The dress is neon lime green lace, which sounds atrocious, but it looks fantastic with my summer tan. 

Excuse the MySpace-esque mirror Instagram photo, but that's all I could get.  I think I may wear it to my graduation dinner, paired with a black skinny belt, black pumps, and a black blazer.  I know neon lace isn't for everyone, but I dig it. 

Like I said, it's the little things in life that make me smile.  Happy Tuesday!


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