Monday, April 30, 2012

Seafood Shack and Beer Review, Yum!

Happy Mondayyyyy!  I actually don't mind that it's the beginning of a new week... I'm done with school, and my shift at work isn't much to complain about.  Plus, this weekend has so many fun things to look forward to!  Like, my graduation on Friday... My graduation lunch/dinner that afternoon/evening... I'm being so vague about that because my family loves to make plans, then change them, and forget to tell anyone else that they've changed the time/location... Oh, and Cinco de Mayo is Saturday.  It will be the very last Cinco de Mayo I can celebrate for probably the next 6 years.  (I'll hopefully have a big girl job, where it's unacceptable to get drunk off margaritas on a Tuesday).  I'm on the hunt for moustaches and sombreros this week! 

I spent this past weekend relaxing and celebrating being done with my finals, forever!  (Okay, until grad school.)  Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to the beach, where I decided an entire bottle of champagne was a great way to celebrate. 

We also ate lunch at this fresh fish market/cafe we discovered the last time we went, Jazzy's Mainly Lobster.  They have the most amazing tartar sauce I've ever eaten and you can tell it's all super fresh.  I love eating on the little patio.  So far, the only thing we've tried is the clam strips, which were huge, but I've got my eye on a grouper sandwich the next time I'm around there.  (They're such a dive they don't even have a website for me to link to, but you can Google it.)  I'm telling you, I love hole-in-the-wall places, especially when they are as delicious as that place is.  Everyone was so friendly, too.  And then, my favorite part of the weekend...

We were walking back to the car, down a side street near condos and what-not, and we came across this little house.  It's pretty normal for small businesses to renovate old beach houses, but this wasn't just any old business.  It was a microbrewery!  Beer!  Yummmm!  The boy decided we needed to stop inside.  (Okay, so I didn't take much convincing...) The Cocoa Beach Brewing Company reminded me of a cute coffee shop, with big comfy chairs, a giant table in the middle, and a little bar in the corner... except instead of cappuccinos, they were brewing up beer!  There were maybe 5 other people in the place, and everyone acted like they all knew each other, even though I'm pretty sure they had all just met.  I tried the Cocoa Beach Pale Ale, which is similar to an IPA.  I love IPAs.  When I ask bartenders for a beer recommendation, I usually get told to try the Seadog Blueberry or a cider beer.  You know, because I'm a girl.  The bartender actually asked me what I usually like, and the whole place (so what if it was just five people) gave me their approval when I responded that I like IPAs.  Apparently, that's a "manly beer." 

I bought two bottles of the Pale Ale before we left, to bring home, but one of them shattered across my kitchen floor in a tragic accident involving me carrying way too much heaped in my arms.  Such a sad ending to a great day. 

And, for the record, no one at the brewery or the fish market knows who the hell I am, or is compensating me in any way for writing about them.  I just love great little places that serve good beer and good food. 


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