Thursday, April 5, 2012

Smartphone Outcast

Helloooo!  Happy Thursday!  Which is really my Friday, as I've mentioned before.  Do you ever pay attention to me?  Ugh.  Didn't think so... Anyways, here's my little rant of the day.  My smart phone. 

Unlike the rest of the world, I have an Android system HTC phone.  Don't get me wrong, I love it.  I actually have an upgrade due this month and I'm not sure if I even want to venture into the world of iPhones.  Sprint customer service is really great and they can fix my phone in any store, in like 20 minutes.  None of this "Apple Genius Bar" nonsense.  At least nerds finally have a nightlife to call their own. 

Anyways, my phone.  It does basically anything an iPhone can do, except it doesn't have Siri.  But it does have a free Tom-Tom GPS app that actually works.  That's right, ladies and gents, I don't have to stare at a blinking dot on a map and try to figure out if I'm going the right way.  Plus, I've used Siri before, and she was really no use.  Maybe it was because I was drunk, but isn't that when she should be most useful?  I know how to properly operate my phone sober.  After 6 beers is when texting someone gets to be difficult.  Step up your game, Siri.  The issue with my phone is that it's run out of space.  I have an SD card with somewhere around 16 trillion GBs of space... yet I keep having to choose between The Weather Channel app that is actually useful and Temple Run.  For some reason, some of the apps just will not let me transfer them to my SD card.  If this sounds like a personal problem, it's because it is.  Deal with it. 

I recently just discovered the photogenic world of Instagram, and I can't bear to part with that memory-sucking little program.  I could take pictures of earwax and make it look cool with those filters.  Sorry, Bank of America app, but I'll get by just guessing how much is in my account.  I'd much rather photograph the world, stalk Twitter, and attempt to outrun gorilla-monkey-monsters.  I think the only reason I'd go home on Saturday instead of Sunday for Easter is so I can go play around with new, better Android phones for my upgrade.  Although I'm really considering the iPhone.  I know for sure that the iPhone battery life is much better, and every iPhone user I've asked swears it's the greatest invention since oxygen... but I want an honest opinion.  Have you had an Android phone and an iPhone?  Which did you prefer and why? 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go hold my phone up to a car radio so SoundHound can tell me what song is playing. 



  1. I had an android phone for about a year and changed to an iPhone in January and I love it. It does everything an android does, but better and faster. Seriously, at first it might be scary, but after 3 hours of messing around, you forget about the android.

  2. I was big into my blackberry years ago and it was very hard for me to part with it. However, I was talked into getting an iPhone and although I was initially skeptical, I'm a big believer now. LOVE it! They aren't for everyone though. I had a Droid2 also, just before my iPhone and I thought it was crap. But I think that's a hit or miss deal.

    Happy Friday - it's my Friday too!