Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Weekend Everything Happened

Happy Tuesday!  Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I basically took Monday off to lay in bed and do nothing.  And by nothing, I mean I beat my high score in Temple Run.  That's productive, right?  Yep, thought so.  I had a very long and busy and fun-filled weekend, and I just needed a day to relax before I started all my finals studying and papers this week.  Plus, I had my very last chapter meeting last night, and it ran late.  Oh, and I made my very first roasted chicken for dinner last night.  I make a mean roast chicken, if I do say so myself.  The leftovers are in a sandwich for my lunch today and the bones will be made into soup later this week.  Ew gross bones in soup? Yes, in fact, contrary to what my boyfriend thinks, "making soup" does not actually involve a can opener.  Trust me on this one. 

Anyways, I know you're dying to hear about my crazy busy fun-filled extravaganza of a weekend.  Well, I won't bore you with a 6-paragraph long post of the details, but it all started once upon a Thursday... One of my best friends and I decided to stop by a congratulations-on-getting-a-real-world-job-party at the World of Beer around here.  Well, last minute, the guy with the real-world-job changed plans, but we still wanted a beer.  If you haven't been to a World of Beer bar, I highly suggest it.  It's the perfect place I could think of for Happy Hour or a relaxing catch-up session.  They have something like 6 billion beers.  It's great.  Anyways, to make this long story short, grabbing-a-beer-to-celebrate-our-big-weekend turned into running-int-old-friends-and-strangers-who-bought-us-beers-and-closing-down-the-place-and-getting-a-ride-home-from-my-boyfriend.  Thursday night: success.

Friday involved 20 girls on an adventure downtown for a bar-crawl.  As in, 20 girls started at my house.  The cab company screwed us over.  As in, I had made reservations two weeks prior to reserve taxi-vans, and hour after our scheduled pick-up time, the dispatcher told me if I called again, he would block my number, because he was too busy to send anyone out.  (Seriously, never use Orlando Cab company.  I know the number is easy to memorize, but they are some serious ass-hats up in that place.  I have zero shame exploiting terrible business on social media, as I've mentioned before.) Anyways, back to the fun.  After my good friend from the World Of Beer night saved the day by finding us some alternative transportation downtown, probably 14 girls successfully walked into the first bar.  Two more were promptly taken home in cabs that were suddenly available.  Every bar after that, girls were dropping like flies.  As in, everyone was having way too much fun.  Free VIP and bottle service and the fact that we pretended it was a bachelorette party can do that to you.  Seven of us made it to the end of the night, and toasted to our success with street-vendor hot dogs.  It was perfect.

Saturday was my sorority formal.  I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I've only every been on one other formal for my sorority, and that was my freshman year.  Sure, I'd been on fraternity formals and plenty of date parties, but formal with all of your sisters is just... special.  Yeah, that's corny, whatever.  It's an excuse to get the perfect dress and shoes and get all done up like you're going to prom.  Except, it's not prom, so your principle isn't DJing, and you're 21 so you don't have to sneak shot of Malibu rum that you snuck from your parents' liquor cabinet before.  I finally got to take my boyfriend as my date, which may sound weird if you haven't already read about it here.  We went to a ball room at Sea World, which was so cute.  It was well worth the 2-year wait.  And, a Coffee and Dinosaurs first!!!  A photo from the evening that sums up the entire weekend!

And, yes, I know my formal dress isn't very, well, formal, but whatever.  I looked great. 

Sunday morning was rough, I'm not gonna lie.  The past 3 days were running on minimal sleep and a bit of alcohol, so making it to senior sendoff banquet for my sorority was touch-and-go for a bit.  Good think my hair still looked perfect from formal.  (Thanks, 2 cans of hairspray.)  Normally, everyone ends up sobbing at sendoff and seniors read their well-thought-out and sentimental letters to the chapter.  This year, though, my pledge class obviously spiced things up.  While the emotions were felt all around, it just wouldn't be us if we didn't impose lots of humor and obnoxiousness. 

Are you bored yet?  Yeah, I don't know why you actually believed me when I said I wasn't going to bog you down with all the nitty-gritty details.  Sorry.  Normally nothing interesting happens in my life, and this weekend it seemed like everything happened.  I already told you last night was my very last chapter as an active member of my sorority, and I may or may not have cried when I received my stole to wear at graduation.  So, this long, super busy post with a picture will hopefully make up for the lack of you reading this for the past 5 days in whatever voice you imagine me having. 

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


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