Monday, March 19, 2012

Chugging Beer and Sorority Formal.

Alrighty.  Long weekend accomplished, and today starts a week full of studying for exams and working on projects and trying to keep my A's in my classes.  I guess I could have been a good student last Friday, but day drinking for 9 hours on the beach seemed like a much better idea.  We played "we forgot a cooler so finish the beer before it gets warm" game and then found a bar that had a special for "jungle juice."  I have no idea what was in that drink, but it didn't taste like the jungle and it for sure was not juice.  Regardless, it is officially spring in my eyes, and I can't wait for the next opportunity to get back to the sand and surf. 

I forfeited St. Patty's Day, since it was my sorority's sisterhood retreat that day and we stayed overnight in a hotel.  I didn't really mind giving up Bud Light died green and sloppy block party festivals.  I usually try not to write much about my sorority here, for a variety of reasons, but it was basically my entire weekend so I can't really avoid it.  Unless you want to hear about what I ate for breakfast.  (Egg and cheese on a whole wheat English muffin.)  It was a good weekend, and very busy.  And the fact that I didn't make it to one of the events makes me a little weary for the very senior-tastic weekend in April hosting the bachelorette party, formal, and sendoff banquet back to back to back.  I'm going to need some serious Advil and coconut water that Sunday morning if you know what I mean. 

Speaking of formal.  Want to hear a funny story?  Of course you do.  This will be the second formal I've gotten to attend my four years.  Last year we didn't have one, due to extenuating circumstances, and the year before that, when I was a sophomore, I was sent home for, uh... let's just say tequila wasn't a good idea.  Whoops.  I'm assuming that my boyfriend will be my date this year, which is funny because that sophomore year oh so long ago he was supposed to be my date, before we even started dating... He turned me down because it was some huge UFC fight on TV.  Seriously?  I should invite someone else this year just as payback.  Just kidding.  Yeah, my boyfriend and I have quite a funny story.  It all started when his old roommate took me out on a date two years ago.  But I'll save that Cinderella tale for a rainy day.  And I'll be damned if Mohamed Ali rises from his grave and is scheduled to fight The Incredible Hulk, my boyfriend can TiVo it.  Unless he wants to be dating Rowdy Rhonda, he will happily be dancing the night away with me instead. 

Have a happy week!

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