Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Student Government and Africa

It's Tuesday!  Trust me, it's not much better for me than Monday, but it's one day closer to Friday!  The closer I get to summer, the more bitter-sweet this whole graduation thing is.  I think I've decided to just stop telling people what I plan on doing afterwards.  It's continually met with heads being shaken and scrunched up faces and "oh wow, I would never do that."  Honestly, that is exactly the difference.  It's not like I'm going to Africa with a hundred bucks to my name, no malaria medicine, and aspire to work for the Ugandan government.  I'm moving to the suburbs of Washington DC.  There's going to be a metro.  Yes, my parents have made it very clear that Bank of Daddy stops, but that doesn't mean I'm completely incompetent to make my own money and live on my own.  And no, I don't have a job lined up, but I really don't think it's as huge of a catastrophe as everyone is imagining.  I'm not the only one "crazy" enough to do this, and it's worked out very well for my friends.  So, kindly stop your doubting and negativity and go back to your... oh, wait, H&M wouldn't even hire you...?  Yeah, stop talking please. 

Also, if one more person asks me to vote for Student Government elections this week, I just may scream.  Everyone on campus picks a side based on whoever they're friends with, and then advocates the crap out of a platform that will never be accomplished.  It's basically like the presidential election, except not nearly as profound, and way more annoying.  At least no one is stopping me on my way to class every 5 minutes wearing a yellow or black campaign shirt asking if they can walk with me and tell me about their goals...  Remember my annoyance with "Union Wednesdays?"  Well, it's like that, just on campaign crack. 

This year, it's gone to a new level.  I'm getting official university emails regarding who to vote for.  People are texting me mass messages.  Students are being offered pizza and cupcakes and probably sexual favors to vote for one party or another.  In reality, at the end of it, whoever wins is going to accomplish the same things, regardless of the differences in the beginning.  Everything gets so blown out of preportion.  It's a huge deal to see which candidates the university tabloid is backing, who last year's president supports, and, of course, who is in the "more popular" fraternity, which obviously means they're better for the job.  Give me a break.  I know that elections for student body president are important, but they can really just chill out when it comes to nagging me. 

I'm just thanking my lucky stars that I'll be out of here by the time the College Democrats get all wired up about the 2012 election and attempt to register every student, squirrel, and pigeon to vote.  Thanks, but no thanks.  Maybe if the Democrats gave out free pizza when I registered to vote, I'd be more willing.  They're all about giving things away for free, right?  But seriously, student government, settle down. 


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