Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break Was Just Fantastish.

YAY I'm back!  Well, that's more like what you're probably saying.  In my head, I'm groaning and cursing the farmers who invented Daylight Savings and the part of the semester between Spring Break and Summer.  Damn corn and education.  How was my trip, you ask?  Well, if you ignore the fact that the weatherman is a crotchety old man and smited the Bahamas with rain and clouds, and the fact that I'm pretty sure the cruise ship was just an over sized yatch with how seasick everyone was, and the issue of the crybaby friend that no one will ever vacation with again due to his obscenely bad luck, it was a pretty typical of collegiate spring break.  Our 20-something group almost got kicked out of seated dinner, someone fell into the harbor in Nassau, bar tabs were more than the cruise price, there was an incident involving being banned from Senior Frogs (oh yes, it's possible) and I am now nice and tan.  My best friend and I wound up with 16 yard-stick plastic cups in our miniature stateroom cabin.  I felt like the Oprah show, except instead of new cars, everyone got drunk.  Did you know you can buy a bottle of rum in the Bahamas for $14 and walk down the street swigging from it?  It's the definition of classy. 

The trip back home helped me sympathize with the Jews that wandered the desert for all those years.  It took us forever to get off the boat, and then we sat in the port for a good 3 hours waiting for what is probably world's slowest driver to pick us up.  I still can't shower without feeling like the entire room is rocking back and forth, and I think I'd be okay to never hear the term "YOLO!" ever again. 

Needless to say, jumping an hour ahead added to the exhaustion and hangover that results post-Spring-Break means that Monday is the last thing I wanted to wake up to this morning.  It's extra disappointing there there wasn't a 24-hour free pizza bar waiting for me on the 12th deck when I came home from the bar the other night.  I had to actually cook my dinner yesterday, instead of just ordering my three-course meal off a menu to be delivered by a very nice foreign waiter in a bow tie.  What do you mean I have to make my own bed?  I will say this, I am glad that strangers aren't going through my toiletries anymore, sniffing my mouth wash to ensure it isn't vodka and blue food coloring. 

If you'll excuse me, I need to go play Rack City and make awkward I-saw-you-intoxicated-last-week eye contact with everyone I see on campus who was on the same cruise. 


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