Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tony Soprano and First Words

Oh yayyy! It's Thursday, which is basically my Friday!  Unless you count the doctor's appointment and test I have tomorrow morning.  Which I'm not counting.  Tomorrow my Daddy is coming to see me though!  For those of you who haven't met my father, well... basically, I am his spitting image.  I think it's weird when people say I look like my dad, because, uh, he is a man and I am a girl, and I don't think I look like a man.  Appearance aside, my dad and I have such similar personalities it's scary.  We both like aimlessly driving around.  We both like country music.  We both get really pissed off about nothing and then forget about it 6 minutes later.  We both love beer and wine and food that's bad for us.  And I'm pretty sure my father is equally to blame for my coffee addiction.  My first word as a baby was "hot" because he used to hold me in one arm while he poured his morning coffee.  Not to mention, that man is basically a bloodhound when it comes to sniffing out the nearest Dunkin Donuts.  Doesn't matter that my mom makes a fresh pot of coffee every morning... he will drink that and still stop by the pink and orange drive through.

Did I mention my family calls my dad "Tony," like the Soprano's?  Well, like I said, you've probably never met him, so you wouldn't get it, but I swear he looks like Tony.  And he's obnoxiously Italian like Tony.  And he wears shirts like Tony does, too.  The whole mafia thing, well, that's not so accurate. 

Anyways, the last time Tony came to visit me at school for funsies, he ended up becoming best friends with the presidents of 4 fraternities, going shot for shot with them at the local dive bar, and sleeping on my couch.  Total freshman move, dad.  My friends thought he was great, which probably had something to do with his $160 bar tab on free drinks night and his "life advice" chats.  This time, we're steering clear of any establishment offering free drinks, or copious amounts of fraternity boys I could possibly be friends with.  (Tony grabbed one guy by the shirt and yelled at another guy to not kiss my cheek.  I thought it was hilarious.  The boys didn't.)  I'm excited.  A little scared, but still excited to see him.  Hopefully this adventure will be a little more tame. 

It's weird how now that I've been out "on my own" for 4 years, I actually enjoy hanging out with my family.  I have to endure the usual short lecture about being "cut off" come July, and I get reminded that I should be getting an oil change every so many miles.  I usually just text my boyfriend whatever auto instructions my dad gives me, anyways. 

Happy Thursday everyone! 


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