Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sketchball Steve

Saturday post!  Yeah, I know, I rarely blog on the weekend, but I'm supposed to be writing a paper, so why not stop by here and update you all on my thoughts, first?  Yeah, great idea, I know.  So, basically, the little nugget of info that's been on my mind lately is about boys.  Not just males in general, but guys that hit on girls knowing  they have a boyfriend.  Or guys in a relationship who ask other girls on dates.  Like, what is going through their brain?  I swear, some of the synapses are working backwards or something.

I understand the appeal of a girl in a relationship to other guys.  Generally, they seem more confident and disinterested, which poses a challenge. And guys love challenges.  But I don't think they've finished the thought process.  They think "Oh, I can get past this goalie boyfriend of hers and then..." and they seem to forget the end of that, which basically goes "and then she might date me and then go around flirting with other guys while we're dating just like she did with me."  Really, fellas, you want to date that?  I don't.  Which is why I don't understand guys who seek out other girls while they're already dating someone.

First of all, you're so insecure that you can't dump a girl you don't really like and be single?  Strike one.  Secondly, if that girl dates you, she's just going to make your life a living hell not trusting you because you got with her in such a sketchy way.  Strike 2.  And you're just going to do the same thing to her.  Strike three.  See, boys, you've got no chance before you've even started, so just quit while you're ahead.  You're not that cute anyways.

Alright, it's the weekend and I have to go write about my experience in a pawn shop (which I'm sure you'll hear about, too) so I'll keep this one short.


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  1. Honey, I could go back and forth with you abot this forever! I actually have a story from this weekend about a married guy who was acting like an idiot not wearing his ring and being inappropriate with girls while his wife was sleeping at home...
    Ugh! Gross!