Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pick Up Lines and SAT Vocab

It wouldn't be a typical day in my life at work if I didn't get hit on by a nerd.  Let me clarify that I consider myself a raging nerd, and my boyfriend is kinda nerdy too, so I don't mean that in a negative way.  It's actually kind of a compliment.  But still, back to the whole hitting-on-me thing.  It's always awkward.  Always.  It went a little something like this:

"Hey, you're that girl from the lab."
"Yep, I'm on my way there now."
"What's your name?"
"N.  You're Chris, right?"
"Yeah.  So do you like your job?"
"Yeah, it's pretty easy."
"So, you're graduating in May?"
"Yep, pretty excited about it."
"So, do you have a boyfriend?"
"awkward laugh Yes, I do."
"Ahh, figures..."

And then I just awkwardly giggled and walked away.  I mean, honestly, props to this kid for actually saying hi to me and making a move.  It took my boyfriend, like, 3 months of us "hanging out" for him to finally man up and ask me to "grab food" at Ale House.  It's flattering to get hit on, regardless of if you're in a relationship or not.  It's still equally as awkward for me, though.  Like, what do I say to that whole do-you-have-a-boyfriend question?  "Sorry?" "Yeah he's great?" Sorry sounds like I wish I didn't, and saying how great he is seems kind of offensive.  Maybe this is just all going back to me being more awkward than a turtle turned upside down when it comes to flirting.  Oh well. 

This really wasn't what I planned on writing about today, but I guess life happens when you're busy planning things, or something... I can never remember all those overused quotes by dead people.  Regardless, I need to touch on this.  "What!?" you ask, as you scoot forward in your chair in anticipation.  Okay.  I swear there is a contest going on in my Political Ideologies class that I wasn't informed about.  Every week, there's a competition between students on who can ask the most front-loaded, controversial, annoying question to the professor.  I think there's extra points for the kid who can throw the most SAT vocabulary words in there, too, regardless if they make sense.

And then, the professor, like any good professor, will answer the question completely competently, in a way that everyone can understand.  Not that I actually understood what the jackass in the back row was asking, anyways.  But he'll fire back, asking "well what if the historic friction in the 19th century were to have evolved more like Wilson predicted, eroding the social fabric and leading to a perfidious proletariat...." Shut. Up.  We were being lectured on social security in the United States.  Did you find that run-on sentence of crap in the gutter?  Thanks to you, Mr. Smart-Ass-Who-Likes-Hearing-Himself-Talk, instead of ending class early, we're staying after time to finish the actual material. 

So, yeah, that really grinds my gears. 


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