Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ice Age, Minus the Mammoth

I just have to say one thing.  What the hell, Florida?  I'm starting to think the world really is ending this year.  It's 53 degrees out in April.  April! For crying out loud, I wore my NorthFace to work today.  Something is terribly, horribly, incredibly wrong for it to be this cold in April in Florida.  I could understand this weather in the awful state of Ohio.  The only thing good in that state is Swenson's drive up burger chain.  I couldn't justify wearing boots in April, so my little feet are freezing inside my lace Tom's slip ons.  I'm also wearing leggings as pants... and an over sized long-sleeve tee... I'm runway ready, let me tell ya.  Maybe if the runway was a street corner and I was modeling for homeless people. 

I'm also freezing at work, because the AC stays on arctic blast all the time.  It's 50 degrees out... excuse me, but why is it also set to 50 degrees inside?  And would it technically be "turning the air conditioner up" or "turning it down" to make it warmer?  Does anyone even know the proper terminology?  In my mind, they both kind of make sense.  Turning it up could mean making the temperature warmer in the room, or it could mean turning up the cooling power.  Turning it down could mean less cooling power, aka a warmer room, but it could also mean setting it to cool to a lower temperature.  Am I the only crazy person to actually wonder about this?  Whatever the wordology, it needs to get warmer in here, and in Florida, ASAP.

I am dreading picking up my cap and gown today.  The downside of going to one of the largest universities in the nation?  There's about 20,000 other students attempting to pick up their cap and gown, too.  Cool, the bookstore sorted them by college, so I just have to join the 7,000 business majors in line.  What would happen if I don't pick it up?  It cost $80 just to rent the damn thing, and I have to wear it to walk... guess I'm standing in line for an hour today.  Which brings me to the question of: what am I going to decorate my hat with?  Obviously sparkles and glitter and bedazzles, but I'm torn between a dinosaur, an Italian flag, or my sorority symbol.  For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, it's a tradition for (mainly girls) to decorate the top of their graduation cap, so that your parents and friends can recognize you in the giant sea of graduates on stage.  We're technically not allowed to throw our caps, but I'd imagine it'd make getting your own back much easier if you did.  We're also not allowed to go into the reflection fountain, but I'm going to pretend I never heard that at freshman orientation when I take my graduation photos.  Oopsie. 

Alright, time to stop rambling and go... study for finals?  Meh, the issue with contracting senioritis is that I don't really care to study.  I'll go beat my high score on Temple Run... that sounds more productive!


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