Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gym, Tan, Lipstick?

Happy Wednesday! I'm halfway through my week and starting to realize that all that stands in my way are my finals!  Honestly, I'm not even that stressed out about them.  I only have two actual tests, neither of which are cumulative, and the other two classes just require a final paper.  My boyfriend would beg to differ on the stress part, but it's really not school that has my in an anxiety attack... it's everything else in my life being on the brink of change.  But I'll save that philosophical post for a later date. 

The past week or so, I've been trying to get back into a gym routine.  I used to work out all the time when I started college, and over the years it's tapered off.  Regardless of what anyone says, I've been gaining weight and have noticed a difference in the way clothes fit, so it was a welcome change.  Thing is, I feel like I am always busy.  Some days, I'm at work and on campus for over 13 hours straight, with no breaks.  That means that when I finally get done at 9pm, I want to collapse into bed, not run.  I figure that a short workout is better than nothing, though, so I've been trying to work it in.  I'll wear my gym clothes to class or work (I'm lucky to work someplace that doesn't really have a dress code) and pop on over there on my short breaks or right after I'm done.

Here's what I've noticed.  Girls get all done up to go sweat.  Or, well, not sweat.  In all honesty, walking on a treadmill with your hair in curls, full makeup on like you're going to a club, talking on your cell phone and reading a Cosmo magazine can hardly be considered working out.  You're wearing a push-up bra, too?  Good lord.  What the hell are these girls doing there?  This is a gym, not a book club. Yeah, so there's hot sexy sweaty muscular guys there wearing shirts with their fraternity letters and the sleeves cut off so much that their nipples are practically out in the open.  Guys may go to the gym to show off, but they're also there to actually work out.  They're not going to leave the weight floor, go all the way upstairs to the cardio deck, and strike up a conversation with Miss Priss.  If anything, they're probably more interested in the blonde in a sports bra and her hair up doing an actual workout.  Like, are these girls going to a party immediately following the gym?  I also don't understand girls who drink Diet Coke while exercising.  It may be the elixir of female, but it is not hydrating in the least bit.  Plus, soda makes you fat anyways, regardless if it's diet or not. 

I feel like the whole getting-dressed-up-to-go-to-the-gym thing has taken over so much at the campus gym that I can't go there to actually work out without making sure I look up to par, as well.  I'm sorry, but unless I'm on America's Next Top Model and Nigel Barker is photographing me on an elliptical with fans blowing my hair back all sexual, I see no need to "get ready" to go someplace where I'm going to sweat off my eyeliner.  I have to admit, though, the people watching makes the time pass faster. 



  1. I agree! I have seen a lot of these girls lately at the gym and it's really dumb. They don't want to break a sweat because God forbid they mess up their makeup, however if you aren't actually doing anything worth breaking a sweat for then WHY are you there? It's weird! I'm typically at the gym looking haggard.

  2. I know it make no sense to me. I could never understand why girls would put make-up and do their hair all nice to go workout.