Friday, April 6, 2012

Law School for Dummies.

Yay it's Friday!  It was storming and gross out this morning, so I opted for the gym and homework all day... if I had known that the storm would clear into a gorgeous pool day, I would have been oiled up in a deck chair.  Ah, whatever.  It's probably best that I do my homework so I can enjoy next weekend.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my confusion with this lawyer fad popping up among my peers.  If you don't tweet, here's the deal.  It's like, all of a sudden, in the past 4 or so years, everyone I know in college wants to be a lawyer.  I'm not even talking about just my university, either.  Remember that fad a few years back in high school (okay, when I was in high school) when everyone became a photographer.  All the hipsters got really nice Nikon cameras for Christmas and slapped on a removable fish-eye lens and boom, they were a photographer.  It didn't matter that all of their friends were also "photographers" and that every hang out session was now a photo shoot.  I guarantee you there's a few brides out there who had incredibly horrible wedding photos because Aunt Cathy gushed about how amazing little cousin Laura was at photography and she should totally do the wedding photos.  Well, guess what?  Laura was no photo editor for National Geographic, and she got drunk sneaking drinks from the open bar and you really didn't want the only photo of your first kiss as man and wife to be distorted through a fish-eye lens.  Your nose looks huge in that photo.

Anyways, basically, what happened with all those "photographers" is happening as we speak with law school.  It's as if all my peers are saying to themselves "self, I have no clue what I want to do, but law school sounds prestigious, right?  Okay, let's do that."  And then they do.  Or, they try to.  I'll be completely honest here.  I once had no clue what I wanted to do, and bought an LSAT book, and then after about 4 practice problems, decided that this was way too much bullshit to put up with for a career I would hate.  And just like the whole photography fad, I'm sure a select few of the "I'm going to law school!" kids will actually become great lawyers.  But the majority of them will crash and burn and suck.  They will end up working for 1-800-IN-PAIN advice help lines for people in auto accidents.  Pretty soon, they'll be showing commercials for "law technical schools" just like they do for X-ray technicians and court reporters.  In just 16 months, you can be a certified lawyer!

There are a million other jobs out there, for every interest.  I get that everyone chose "lawyer" because it sounds great and they make tons of money... but what they don't teach you in law school is economics.  Flooding the labor market with so many potentials looking for employment in the law field drives wages down.  So while every fraternity guy is busy being a pompous dick-hole, putting on an arrogant attitude like they've already made partner, yet in reality they're re-taking the LSAT for the 3rd time, I'll just be chuckling to myself.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend!


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