Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Life, Turned Upside Down

Sorry for such a huge gap in posting.  Trust me, once I explain what's going on in my life, it will make sense and you'll forgive me.  I hope.

I mentioned last post that my weekend in Washington, D.C. included two job interviews.  Well, the interviews went relatively well, from my perspective, and I was offered a job!  Not just any run-of-the-mill job, either... it's basically right on track to my dream career!  The stipulation was that I move up to DC to start on Monday. Yep, as in, June 4th, in less than a week... Now do you understand my hiatus from blogging?  My room/house/life has been upended.  I've had less than two weeks to make a decision and a change that most people do in months.

All this growing up into the big-girl world means it was time to throw away mementos of my youth.  It's no longer appropriate to hang a neon dinosaur sign in my bedroom.
Sweet memories of my 21st birthday extravaganza.
 (For those of you who have no idea why I would have an enormous poster board reptile scribbled all over, it's a 21st birthday tradition, at least at my university, to make the birthday girl a poster-board sign with 21 things to accomplish during the celebrations.  It's only fitting that mine was shaped like a dinosaur.)

I'll be staying with my good friend A for the next two months.  I'm not going to lie, I'm a little on edge about not having any personal get-a-way space for 8 weeks, but more than that, I'm grateful to have such a great friend there for me who has been through a very similar situation.  I'm naturally an emotional person, and although I've known that I've wanted to be in DC for years, actually leaving my family, some of my best friends, my boyfriend, and my comfort zone is nerve racking.  I'm a lucky girl to have someone to help me through this.
That's right, the girls in the Coffee and Dinos photo are reuniting.

The first question out of most people's mouths isn't what my job is.  It's what are you and your boyfriend going to do?  We are going to try and make things work.  Long distance isn't impossible.  It's hard, and it sucks, and it's not something either of us want to do... but I'm not about to give up on someone who means so much to me just because it's not easy. 

I am so excited, nervous, thrilled, appreciative, grateful, and a million other emotions for this new chapter in my life.  Of course, I'll be keeping you all updated on my life as it takes a line out of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and gets turned all upside down.



  1. oh my gosh! congrats! i can't help but be jealous that you got a soon to be dream job in d.c.!