Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weekend in D.C.

I'm back from Washington D.C!!!  I know you've missed me bunches, but I have an entire weekend to tell you about!  For those of you who don't pay any attention to what I say, I flew to D.C. on Friday to stay with my friend and future roommate and get a feel for the city I will call home later this summer.  She lives in Virginia right outside the city, but she works on the Hill, so I got a really great idea of the entire area.  We did a lot of walking.  Like, a lot.  Miles and miles

On Friday, I walked around Clarendon and Rosslyn neighborhoods.  It was gorgeous weather, a high of 80 and not a cloud in the sky.  That night, my two friends and I and some of their friends had tickets to a show called Legwarmers.  It's an 80's cover band that plays all of the classics.  Everyone got dressed up in neon and we teased the crap out of our hair.

Neon and big hair, ready to rock out to Bon Jovi.
On Saturday, we got up early and attempted to go to an air show in Maryland.  I say attempted because we took the metro from the last stop in Virginia all the way to the farthest stop in Maryland and when we got there, we were told the show was full to capacity.  Now, if you've never been to the area, or never taken the metro, then you'll have no idea what I mean when i say we took the green line through Annacostia.  Allow me to translate: two little twenty-somethings in sundresses took the metro through the most dangerous area of the city.  I sat next to a gang member for two stops.  It was during the day, and there were many other people who also didn't really belong in that area headed to the air show, as well, but it was slightly intimidating. 

My official metro card!

Traipsing around the city on a gorgeous Saturday.
That night, we went out in Clarendon, to a little bar called Spider Kelley's, with my friend and some of her coworkers who were also from Florida.  The biggest difference about bars in that neighborhood and bars around here?  Well, for one, everything isn't free.  A fraternity guy I met on a social isn't making us free shots whenever the manager turns around.  But, there also aren't fresh-out-of-high-school girls getting sloppy and the bathroom doesn't reek of vomit.  It was a nice change, something I could definitely get used to. 

On Sunday, we got lunch in Chinatown, which isn't nearly as sketchy as the Chinatown in New York City.  No one sells knock-off purses or accosts you to buy a fake Rolex from a van.  We headed to Georgetown and walked around by the Washington Harbor.  Like I said before, there was a lot of walking and getting a feel for things.  As in, I feel that I will never be able to afford even a square foot of housing in Georgetown.

Chinatown arch.

Perfect afternoon to stroll around the Georgetown harbor.
 Monday was what made this trip actually important.  And the reason my dad paid for my flight.  I had two job interviews, but I'm saving the details on those for another day.  Once things aren't so fresh and new and up in the air. 

It was a fantastic weekend, and I absolutely can't wait to live in such a diverse city.  But until that day comes, I'm making a serious effort to enjoy every single Florida afternoon by the pool, every date with my boyfriend, and every night out with my friends. 


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  1. ahh i'm so jealous! i LOVE DC! i so wish i lived there!