Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend = #Winning

Hi readers.  Although, I'm not really sure who reads this nonsense.  Some people tell me I'm funny, other people probably think I'm the reason 2nd amendment rights shouldn't be applied to everyone.  Oh well. 

My whole weekend of birthday celebrations was pretty awesome, thank you for asking.  I went to see The Vow, and lost about 5 pounds of water weight from sobbing the entire time.  What?  I'm pathetic?  You go watch the sexiness that is Channing Tatum cry and see if you don't tear up, too.  My boyfriend took me to the Shipyard Emporium, which is an incredibly awesome microbrewery.  My mom took me shopping for some much-needed clothing, although I'm pretty sure H&M was debuting their "Springtime Nun" collection.  And I romped around downtown at the big-girl bars and even had my tradiational birthday dance-off with a random stranger to the tune of "C'mon 'N Ride It (The Train)". 

The crowning jewel of the weekend was the family plus boyfriends dinner at Ceviche's.  Firstly, if you've never been there, go.  Right now.  Take a speeding rocket ship and order one of everything, even if you think you'll hate it, because you will absolutely love it.  And order a few pitchers of sangria.  If you don't like wine, order it anyways, because it tastes like juice.  But it's not juice at all, trust me on that one.  And then order a drink made with basil and gin, even if you hate gin, because I hate gin and I still drank that entire thing, times two.  I even ate sweetbreads, which, news flash, aren't sweet or bread.  They're actually deep fried glands of cows, or something along those lines.  Before you gape in disgust, they are a delicacy and you haven't tried them at Ceviche, don't be rude.  My point of this is that by the end of the night I'm pretty sure my family ate and drank the place out of house and home.  That's what you get when you put some Italians in a tapas restaurant.  (You don't know what "tapas" are?  Do you know what Wikipedia is?  It's nothing like that at all, but you can find out on your own.)

Yesterday, the weatherman decided to smite me yet again with hurricane-esque winds and too many clouds.  He always makes my weekdays, when I'm in class and working, so sunny and beautiful and bright, and then it's like he just rains on everyone's weekend parade.  Literally.  So instead of enjoying the sunny beaches of Florida like I should have been able to do, I spent yesterday being a lazy bum and cooking.  I love cooking, so it wasn't a total waste.  In fact, I made homemade cranberry jam, so I guess I'll toss Sunday into the "win" pile after all. 

All in all, my birthday weekend was a major success.  And that obnoxious wind blew in some perfectly cool and sunny weather to make Monday suck a little less. 


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