Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tailgating Season is in the Air

So, since the other day I talked quite a bit about why football/Fantasy Football is stupid, I figured I would follow up with a little explanation, so maybe some of you won't hate me as much.

Where I went to college (and I think, oh, about 40 thousand other students would agree,) we weren't very good at football.  I don't mean that in a hating-on-my-alma-mater kind of way.  I don't mean that in a we-didn't-have-Tim-Tebow kind of way.  What I mean is, we kind of suck at football.  I've never been to game for a different college football team, but in my comparison of a group of guys watching NFL and a group of guys watching UCF games, here's my observation:

When guys (or anyone) is watching their team on NFL (and my assumption is, any other "good" college team), they clap and cheer when the team scores or makes and awesome play.  (Don't misjudge me here, I have no idea what an "awesome play" is, but I'm imagining like, the wide receiver catching the ball with his feet and cartwheeling into the end zone.)  When fans watch the Knights play football, we clap whenever we don't screw up.  No, seriously, it's like "wohooooo!  Yeahhhhh!" *applause* *cheering* "Yeah we didn't fumble!!!"  You think I'm joking?  I spent a few hours this weekend at an alumni event to watch the game against OSU, trust me on this one, I'm right.  Still don't believe me?  The next UCF game or watch-party you're at, take a gander. 

Like, we're so not-great at football, our school has a saying, "win or lose, we still booze!"  Which brings me to my next point.  I went to a college that had tailgating season, not football season.  Sure, to some die-hard Forever Knights, it was football season.  Of course the fraternity houses set up huge projector-screen TVs for away games.  Of course we had a beautiful stadium and game-time rituals and songs and chants.  But we also had tailgating, and it was epic and incredible and, in my eyes, is a sport way more deserving of an entire season. 

What could be better than wearing your team's colors, running around campus, shotgunning beers (extra points if you do this on a fraternity-guy's shoulders with your roommate,) eating cheeseburgers freshly grilled on a Coleman, chanting Zombie Nation with random strangers, and, did I mention, getting drunk in the middle of the day? 

I honestly don't know if the noon or 7pm games were my favorite throughout undergrad.  For games at noon, we would be up at 6am drinking mimosas, but for the 7pm games, we had the entire day to prance around Memory Mall and consume beer to our little hearts' content.  Now do you see why it's called tailgating season? 

Like I said, I've never been to a football game for any other schools, so maybe everyone does this... but just like those Florida Gators are holding on to their beloved "we have the best football team ever" even after Tim Tebow is long gone, I'm standing by my team: UCF definitely wins at tailgating. 


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