Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shopaholic vs. Being Naked

Happy Thursday!  The past few posts of mine haven't been about what's going on in my life this week, so I figured it's time to share!  Yayyyy! 

Basically, I've spent the last 2 evenings at the mall.  Well, the fake mall.  I live a 10-minute walk from a decent mall and shopping center near the Pentagon, and with the weather all a-changing on me, I'm on the hunt for some wardrobe stables I just never got around to investing in.  Read: fall and winter clothing is expensive.  And don't even get me started on work-appropriate fall and winter clothing.  Add on that I'm technically supposed to be wearing a suit jacket or blazer to work every day (my office is business-professional, not business-casual) and it's hard to look put-together, warm, and not like a nun. 

I have a sort of shopping strategy.  I check out outlets and stores like TJMax or Nordstrom Rack first.  I want to know what the discounts are, what's available, etc.  For example, Marshal's has a huge boot collection out right now.  Good to know what brands and designers they're offering and for how much before I hit up, say, Macy's, and come across the same pair of Lucky Brand riding boots for twice as much. 

So, that's where I've been the past two evenings.  I'm probably a weirdo, but I like nice things, and I'm picky about things.  And I'm not willing to pay real-Nordstrom-prices for them.  And by not willing, I mean now that I just signed over to my Virginia address, I can't afford them, thanks to this lovely surprise called state income tax.  (What the hell is that crap?  Florida had it right sparing us all).  And I didn't find anything I loved (well, except for this one sweater, but my roommate and my boyfriend would never be seen with me in public if I wore it... hmph). So this weekend, I'm hitting up the real mall.

To put this shop-a-holic-ness into perspective, I'm not just being a brat about wanting more clothing.  In fact, I really don't have the closet space for much more.  (I live in a house built in 1939... apparently everyone was just naked in the "old days".)  Let's keep in mind that I moved from Florida.  You know what I wore in the "winter" in Florida?  Leggings and some Ugg boots and a Northface.  Like, every day.  Oh, in addition, half of my undergrad daily wardrobe consisted of sorority tee shirts.  And then add into that mix that I purged my closet when I moved, of everything too-small or too-ugly or too-worn-out.  And now I'm in a state with seasons and I wear business clothing 5 days a week.  Case-in-point: I need clothing.  I don't think I can get through fall and winter with the two sweaters I own.  I'm probably going to need a real coat.  And some gloves.  I can't wear Uggs to work.  Or leggings.  See my dilemma, people!?!?!?  It's a wonder I'm not showing up to the office in a Snuggie at this rate! 

So, after thinking long and hard about what my wardrobe needs, I've compiled a list, to save me from making any more shopping blunders (*cough* Lilly end-of-summer-sale *cough*).  I know you're really curious about what I want so that you can buy me a gift and mail it to me...

  • A coat.  Like a cute, not-flared-at-the-bottom-because-I'm-not-seven-and-don't-wear-hoop-skirts coat.  I don't want doo-dads and hoo-haas all over it.  I don't want it to be a tacky black felty fabric that collects more lint than a Swiffer.  Just a normal. freaking. coat.
  • Boots.  Not cowboy boots.  Not rubber boots.  I need a black pair and a caramel colored pair.  I don't want buckles and straps and bling.  I despise suede.  They must be real leather.  And no awkward heel. 
  • Booties.  Specifically, this pair of Vince Camuto black suede stiletto booties I saw in the Macy's catalogue.  Because who said booties can't be work appropriate. 
  • A bright-colored cardigan.  I'm thinking a pretty yellow or coral.  I'm starting to look homeless, relying on the same black one every time I'm chilly at the office. 
  • Thin, soft, not-turtle-neck sweaters that can be tucked into pencil skirts and slacks.  Sweaters that don't make me look like I should be in a cottage with ya-ya baking bread while Pa herds the sheep in the mountains.  And I honestly don't know who ever thought a turtle-neck was attractive, but I'm just going to go on record saying it totally isn't.  And turtle-neck-tank-tops are not only heinous, but incredibly pointless.  Your neck gets cold but your arms don't?  What?
  • A colored pencil skirt for work.  Who says winter and fall needs to be all brown and black?  I'm definitely on the hunt for a pretty darker teal color. 
  • I could probably use a good pair of tights.  Like, a textured black pair.  And some thick socks for boots. 
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