Sunday, June 24, 2012


Happy Sunday!

I can't believe the weekend is already over!  It was a pretty relaxing weekend, and involved some partying!  Friday night, my roommate and I went to a moving-away party at a bar called Whitlow's in Arlingon for one of my good friends.  It was a good time, but I totally got ripped off on my $30 cab ride home.  Oh well.

Saturday, we went to a BBQ in the city.  It was small and casual and we grilled and played cornhole and listened to country music and drank beer.

And by grilled, I mean the boys did.  And by played cornhole, I mean we threw beanbags at each other.  I didn't exaggerated on the beer and country music though.  It's been hot and sunny out here, so it was a great evening.

And how precious is this puppy that was there?! 

His name is Burt Reynolds!

Next week starts my first week completely on my own at work.  I'm a little nervous, but definitely excited to prove myself.  It's also been fun making new work-appropriate outfits out of the few new items I bought and my existing wardrobe.  And, luckily, my roommate and I are the same size so we can share tops.  It's like having a double closet.  I guess it's a girl thing.  

Anyways, nothing too incredible and exciting to tell you guys about.  My roommate and I have been planning our weekly meals and grocery shopping and cooking together, and it's been saving us money.  Maybe I'll post a week of our meals for you all!  


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