Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's A Hard Knock Life

Happy Tuesday!  Except, not really.  Today, I have two classes, which isn't really a huge deal.  Except in one of them, this guy has taken a particular interest in me.  And by that, I mean he bugs the crap out of me.  I can't be the only one in this kind of predicament. 

Since I work on campus, it's a common occurrence that I will run into classmates while I'm working a shift.  Usually, they're normal, and ask about assignments or if I've read the 16 thousand pages of the textbook.  Sometimes, they're like this guy.  They stand at my desk at work for a trillion hours and ask me countless questions about my major and my career goals and what languages I speak and about my sorority and what my heritage is and, oh my Jesus, shut up. 

Oh, but the agony doesn't stop there.  No.  During class, I wedge myself between anyone else I know just to avoid him sitting next to me.  Do you think that he would get the hint, considering I'd rather sit next to the smelly kid?  Oh no.  When the professor ends the lecture, he sits in the back row pretending it takes him just exactly as long as it takes me to walk up the aisle to pack up all of his stuff, except he only brought a notebook and sunglasses with him to class. 

I really have a hard time being rude.  It is almost impossible for me to ignore someone like that.  So I get suckered into being walked to class or asked for my number "in case he misses a class and needs the notes."  And I can never think of a nonchalant way to just say "hey, I have a boyfriend, I don't want to give you notes if you miss class, and please stop walking with me places."  I wish mood rings were still popular, that might help my situation.

Ugh.  T-minus 4 hours until I suffer through the wrath of overly-friendly male classmates.


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